A Tale of Two Thieves

In our recent news we mentioned that a software leak prompted us to release SEO Client Prospecting Robot as free software to the internet community.

What we didn’t mention is that that situation was just one theft that prompted us to release the software as open source.

Here’s the other…

In 2009 we took on an outsourced software coordinator to help develop the software further. We did beta testing and made changes to the software to get it functioning as we wanted. We even released about 100 commercial copies to test user reaction and compatibility issues.

In the process the coordinator never sent us the source code. The guise was we’d get it after having a completed, bug-free working version.

The Thief Exposed

Well, unknown to us the coordinator had put up a website of his own under our product name, using our existing gui and menus, and begun marketing the software as his own.

We immediately sent notice to cease.

As you can imagine the outcome didn’t go too smooth. We cut off the coordinator and to this day we do not have access to the 2009 version we had begun marketing. So we immediately pulled sales. No point marketing software we didn’t have the actual source code to.

So yeah, we got screwed twice.

Once by thieves traversing our site and stealing our old source code and once by our out-of-state software coordinator who tried selling our work as his own.

So that is why the 2009 source code is not in the Developers Community. That version was effectively “stolen” from us because we were too trusting.

The Best Way To Stop A Thief From Breaking In Is To Leave The Doors Open

So now we are taking the software into a new direction. We are adding features we had never shared with the software coordinator. And we are not working with out of area programmers for our next commercial release.

The new features will make the old software look as archaic as DOS looks to a native Windows7 user. Night and day difference.

This will cost us significantly more money to complete. But we gain better control of our source code and can protect the commercial release from theft. We hope.

And by going semi-open source, the members of our exclusive Developer’s Community will benefit from being there as we rebuild the source from the ground up.

Come join us as we grow!

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