News Release

Piracy Breach Forces Software Publisher To
Release Its Flagship Product Free To The Public

Santa Maria, CA – May 01, 2010 – Software developer and president of, Andre Bell, released the source code to the company’s flagship product, SEO Client Prospecting Robot, free to the public.

After being notified that the source code to the flagship product, SEO Client Prospecting Robot, was leaked on a private pirate tracker from a private area of the company’s site previously set aside for communicating with its outside software coordinator, Andre decided to release the existing code to the public.

"Hopefully this will remove any value those thieves hoped to gain from pirating our source code. No one will pay them for what we are giving away for free," Andre said.

Mr. Bell pointed out that the source code for future commercial versions of the software will remain under tighter controls.

Instead of relying on ‘hiding’ the software in areas that may potentially be ‘phished’ by pirates, the company’s new intellectual property policy prohibits any staff member or outsourced provider from ever storing the company’s future source code or other intellectual property online.

The source code and free software license to the premiere SEO client-prospecting software are available free to the public for personal, internal use. A Developer’s license is available exclusively to members of the company’s developer community.

Both licenses and the source code for SEO Client Prospecting Robot are available from the company’s site at